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How you can learn Graffiti

Graffiti has long been considered to be an expression of anti-establishment opinion. It is almost impossible to find any city in the world without some form of graffiti on the walls or buildings under construction. Cornbread, a high school student from Philadelphia is generally considered to be the first known modern graffiti writer. In 1967 he tagged the walls of the city to draw the attention of a girl. From then, graffiti has today come of age with galleries exhibiting graffiti art since the 1980s.

With graffiti being acknowledged to be a form of art today, there will be a natural desire to learn its intricacies.

Here are a few tips on how to pick up the art of graffiti.

Strange as it may sound, the first step is observation. Start with looking at walls with graffiti and analysing the various graffiti styles of others. You can even search online and go through an assortment of websites that cover the art of graffiti. It will be to your advantage if initially you get familiarised with the different styles and works of others. Buy a sketchbook, practice here and always use this as a springboard for going on to the real stuff on walls.

You will always find that any graffiti is signed off with the name of the artist, maybe not the real one but a pseudonym with which he or she can be linked with the graffiti. Hence, fix a name for yourself, something good and one that can be remembered easily by the viewer. Do not opt for anything crazy like “Angry” or “Ghost”.

The overall impact graffiti makes on the viewers’ minds rests largely on the style of letters of which there are several that you can try out. These vary from the traditional styles to modern, from simple and straightforward to the more complex ones. One of the more complicated styles is one where letters are interlocked with one another and replicates a form of direction or movement. You can develop your own unique style as you mature as a graffiti artist.

It is something on the lines of timber outdoor furniture in Melbourne or wherever you are located. You will find that every manufacturer of such type of furniture has a unique and exclusive trend which can be easily recognised by the design. Similarly, you have to develop a style of graffiti that will have your stamp of individuality.

These are some of the basics that you should pick up first and then gradually go on to learning about painting techniques, tools, accessories and stencils. The key point for a graffiti artist is to optimally translate emotions into a spontaneous and creative work of art.