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Hiring Professional Graffiti Removers in Melbourne

Graffiti has been around for ages and some sceptics even consider ancient cave art as graffiti. But in the modern day world graffiti has evolved as a form of expression of protest, of breaking traditions, of going against the set values and norms of society. There are others that are considered works of art and allowed to remain on walls or wherever they are painted. But there is a subtle difference between the two. In the first case the scribbling is done without permission and is considered to be an act of vandalism and therefore should be removed. In the latter case it is allowed to stay as with sanction it is considered to be on the right side of the law.

However, graffiti has an indoor dimension too. These include etchings with knife on classroom tables and use of correction fluid and pens with indelible ink. But for removing these markings there is no need to hire professional graffiti removers. It is the outdoor canvases (walls) that are really an issue and require a great deal of expertise to remove properly.

How do the graffiti removers carry out their task? First, it should be kept in mind that graffiti is not easy to remove and it is an elaborate process. Graffiti removers have a special tool that makes removal from concrete surfaces relatively easy. An attachment is inserted in dry round silica sand with the other end open to let sand be sucked up and thrown out with pressure.  Another pressure nozzle is used through which water is blasted on to the surface. The combination of dry sand and water is enough to remove paint, rust and grease from concrete, wood or metal. Hence graffiti too can be removed after consistent efforts.

Another relatively easier method is to first dampen the graffiti, and rub in water based paint stripper. After it has set for 10 minutes, the area can be rubbed away with a coarse brush. Finally low pressure water may be applied to wash off any residual paint.

Now, the crux of the matter is where you get professional graffiti removers in Melbourne? The best option is to contact reputed labour hire companies. These firms have databases of those who are professionals in different fields and can quickly on request supply the required labour. One thing is sure when they take the respnsibility – the graffiti will be totally and completely removed.