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People living in cities are well acquainted with the term “graffiti”, a bright & provocative phenomenon that is truly artistic in its very essence. Albeit numerous individuals consider this spray-painted form of art to be annoyance, graffiti has been gaining recognition as an art form across the globe.

Generally, the word graffiti brings to mind an image of “tags” or a stylishly written name. While tags are likely the most noteworthy version, the extent and meaning of graffiti art extends beyond that. It can mean a beautiful wall painting with a message of cultural diversity or a highly contrasting stencil piece dissenting police ruthlessness. For every situation, graffiti workmanship creates an impression.

Poem-one is perfect for graffiti enthusiasts in many ways. Here you will find all the information pertaining to this particular form of art. Graffiti originated in the 1960’s in United State of America and has gone under radical evolution since then. Poem-one furnishes its readers with all the relevant graffiti knowledge and related information.

The articles on Poem-one are not only interesting to read but highly informative as well. It likewise educates its readers on how graffiti can be a source of vandalism. It is important to preserve our trees and walls and therefore, it is imperative to refrain from making graffiti on walls of buildings of historical importance or trees. Poem-one guides art lovers, graffitists and graffiti enthusiasts with regard to the choice of canvas as well.